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christmas tree smallHoliday Gift Ideas (for Her)

For the third time in a row I went for some virtual window shopping and I tried to find beauty related holiday gifts. Again, I had a €30 limit, so that means that my ideas and my findings this year are not much different than the ones of the previous years. Feel free to check out my posts from last year and the year before, if you like. Also, bear in mind that the prices might surpass the €30 in some places, but I don’t think it would be much higher, only a bit. I tried my findings to be from brands that are internationally available, but they can also serve as a guide.

So, let’s see what we can get this year for under €30…

Mascara sets:
Around this time of the year makeup companies offer mascara sets that usually cost as much as the mascara itself, but they come with some extra items, as well. Estée Lauder, Clinique, Lancôme, Benefit, they all have mascara sets available.

Holiday Gift Ideas 2014 - mascara sets

Makeup sets and palettes:
There are not many options within that budget, but I was able to find some good ones. Benefit’s ‘Goodies a Go-Go’, Urban Decay’s ‘Naked Basics’, Too Faced’s ‘Beauty Wishes & Sweet Kisses’, one of the Sleek palettes.

Usually, I suggest The Body Shop’s limited edition holiday palette (every year they tend to release two), but this year’s palettes haven’t really caught my eye. The Body Shop’s ‘Shimmer Cubes’ from the permanent line, on the other hand, has caught it long time ago.

Holiday Gift Ideas 2014 - makeup sets

There are a number of Sephora Collection palettes, limited edition or permanent, you can find within that price range. ‘Fresh Beauty To Go!’ set (that comes with a blush, a lipgloss, a mascara and an eyeshadow, all full-size) is also a good deal.

Holiday Gift Ideas 2014 - Sephora collection palettes and makeup sets

Nail sets:
There are many nail sets by most brands to choose from. O·P·I, nails inc., Sephora Collection, Ciaté.

Holiday Gift Ideas 2014 - nail sets

The choices under €30 are pretty limited, but there are some (30ml/ 1oz) to choose from. You could probably find more at your local stores, maybe there are also some deals running, but without much searching I have found these: Salvatore Ferragamo’s perfumes, Lady Gaga’s perfumes (‘Eau de Gaga’ and ‘Fame’), Mango’s perfumes, Aquolina’s the ‘Pink Sugar’ line perfumes. You can also find some fragrance sets at The Body Shop.

Holiday Gift Ideas 2014 - fragrance

Bath and body sets:
A bath/ body set makes a good Holiday gift and if that’s what you choose to gift, The Body Shop is a good place to go. They have gift sets that start from low price and the go way over the €30 limit of this post. There are sets of various scents, from the permanent line or from the Holidays’ special edition one. My personal favorite permanent scent is Shea.

You can also find sets or you can build your own set by combining bath/ body items from Sephora Collection. Like The Body Shop, Sephora has come out with a limited edition scent, in addition to the scents from the permanent line.

When you are building your own set, wherever it is from, you have control over the products of the sets that can be personalized accordingly, based on the receiver’s preferences.

Holiday Gift Ideas 2014 - bath and body sets

Now, I’m mainly copying/ pasting my last year’s post…

Fashion accessories:
You can get her clothes or fashion accessories like, jewelry, scarves, beanies, gloves or mittens or a handbag. Depending on the money you want to spend, you can combine two or more.

All items in the image below are from H&M.

Holiday Gift Ideas 2014 - fashion accessories

Candles can make ideal Holliday presents for women that are not necessarily into makeup, of any age, for family, close friends or just acquaintances.

Again, there are also limited edition ones, as well as gift sets. You can also create a set by buying a candle and a candle sleeve or base, depending on the candle.

It doesn’t even have to be a candle itself, you can get an oil/ tart burner with a scent (or more) of your choice.

Holiday Gift Ideas 2014 - candles

Some random and unisex gift ideas:
French press coffee maker, mugs, travel mugs and tumblers that can also be accompanied by a Starbucks (or any other coffee place)’s gift card or/ and a pack of coffee, cocoa powder or tea.

An alarm clock. If you are shopping for someone that has to get up early in the morning, pull all-nighters, or is late to your meetings/ dates, or you find that they can use an alarm clock, you can find some cool ones.

Gift Cards
I don’t think any further explanation is needed here. You can find gift card from all sort of shopping places, physical or online.

Books always make great presents to anyone at any age. In case you don’t know it, Book Depository, an online bookstore, offers worldwide free shipping, a variety of genres and at good prices.

Stocking stuffers ideas:
Face masks, hand cream, false lashes and/ or lash glue (if you know the lady you are shopping for wears false lashes),  lip balm (limited edition Christmas ones, or not), solid perfume, perfume atomizer, a nail polish, nail wraps or nail stickers, a nail file, hair ties, a compact mirror, a purse hook, a bar of soap, fluffy socks, candle tarts, chocolate.

Even ear buds, a USB flash drive or a memory card (you have to be sure that you are getting one that is for her appliances).

You can break gift sets that contain few items and give them to multiple persons, like for example a set of lipglosses or eyeliners or lipbalms…christmas tree small

Τhe accessories mentioned previously can serve as stocking stuffers, as well.



  1. These are some really great ideas! I can tell you spent a lot of time on the post, thank you!

    1. Thanks. I’m glad you liked it.

  2. Lovely post! ❤ There are amazing ideas!

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