DIY Brush Cleaner

Apart from regular deep cleaning with shampoo, you can use a brush cleaner to spot clean your makeup brushes much more often, even on a daily basis. There are many options in the market. Personally, I’ve been using the MAC Brush Cleanser for years and even though it is not an expensive product itself, the DIY alternative I’m about to show you is really inexpensive and super easy to make, with items you most likely already have.

I prefer using a spray bottle to spray the brush cleaner directly to the bristles, but you can use any other container you like.

At any case, I would suggest disinfecting it with some rubbing alcohol first (even though the DIY cleaner has alcohol in it, it doesn’t hurt to be cautious).DIY Brush Cleaner

To make this brush cleaner all you need is:
2 parts rubbing alcohol (preferably over 90%)
2 parts distilled water or rosewater
up to 1 part shampoo
few drops of glycerin (optional – acts as a conditioner)

If you want your brushes to dry faster after using this cleaner, you can use more alcohol and less water, replacing, for example, 1 part of water with alcohol. This means you will use: 3 parts rubbing alcohol, 1 part distilled water (or rosewater), ≤ 1 part shampoo and optionally some glycerin.

To use it, spray some of the DIY brush cleaner directly to the bristles and brush gently over a paper (or clean cloth) towel. Alternatively, you can add/ spray some of the cleaner to a paper or cloth towel and gently brush the makeup brush. Repeat as needed. Let the brushes dry horizontally or in angle with the bristles downwardly.

As you can see in the image below, this DIY brush cleaner removes makeup from the bristles perfectly.

DIY Brush Cleaner



  1. littlelifestylekeira · · Reply

    This is such a CLEVER idea !! Definitely going to try this, Good blog post Xxx

    1. Thanks.
      Yes, try it, it’s so easy to make it.

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