3ina No.114 Eyeshadow

3INA (pronounced Mina), is a new makeup brand, launched earlier this year, when the first 3INA store opened in London in February 2016. Now, 10 months later, they have already opened 14 stores in 7 countries around the world and from what I have read, they plan to open many more soon.

The brand has a full range of makeup products in affordable prices and minimalistic packaging.

When I visited the store, I only got one eyeshadow to use both as an eyeshadow and a highlighter and number 114 eyeshadow seemed great for that. By the way, on the 3ina site the 144 eyeshadow has also a name, “Shifting Sand”, but it is not mentioned on the packaging. Also, nowhere on the packaging or the site are the grams (or ounces) of the product mentioned.

The eyeshadow comes in a matte black square packaging and the paper box it comes with shows the color of the eyeshadow it contains. I personally like the packaging, it is sleek and steady. Also, even though I don’t know how much product there is, as mentioned above, it seems to be a lot.

114 is a beigey – sand color with fine shimmer and I guess I would call it slightly frosted.

The eyeshadow itself is not very pigmented. Actually, I can barely see it on my skin. It might be more noticeable on other skin tones. It is long-lasting, though.

It can be used as a daily subtle highlighter.

To be honest, I am a little disappointed by this product, but it was really affordable (I don’t remember the exact price). Will I get any more items from this brand? Yes, probably, but I won’t rush to empty the shelves! I want to try more products from this brand, though, even another eyeshadow to see if other colors are better.

3ina (Mina) No.114 eyeshadow

3ina (Mina) No.114 eyeshadow 3ina (Mina) No.114 eyeshadow 3ina (Mina) No.114 eyeshadow 3ina (Mina) No.114 eyeshadow 3ina (Mina) No.114 eyeshadow3ina (Mina) No.114 eyeshadow

3ina (Mina) No.114 eyeshadow


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