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christmas tree smallHoliday Gift Ideas (for Her)

Since we are only a about a month before Christmas, I thought I should mention some beauty related gift ideas (for her), just like I did last year. And just like last year I want to try and keep the under €30 budget. I am not mentioning the prizes since they will vary from place to place and actually they might even be a bit over €30 somewhere, but for the most part I think there would be within the budget or at least only a bit over it.

I don’t like to repeat myself, even though to a certain degree I am about to, because not much have changed since last year, yet you might want to also check out my last year’s post for some extra ideas.

Usually, around this time of the year, companies release limited edition box sets and valued sets, most of which are over the money limit of the gifts listed here. At any case there is a plethora of those and you should probably want to check out for yourself and see what is available in your area. Use the following ideas as inspiration and adjust them to your preferences and the person you are shopping for. And you do not even need to shop for a friend, your sister, you might want to get yourself a gift, or add it to your letter to Santa Claus!

Mascara box sets:

Many companies have released value sets of mascaras with one or two extra items, the latter ones are mainly in deluxe sample sizes. These mascara sets cost as much as the mascara on its own and actually the extra that come in the box set are treats. From what I’ve seen, Yves Saint Laurent, Lancôme, Estée Lauder, Givenchy and Clinique, all offer this kind of mascara sets. To me, the Clinique (Lashes to the Extreme) one stands out, since the full size High Impact Extreme Volume mascara comes with a travel size eye makeup remover and a pencil eyeliner in almost full size. That’s the best deal.

Holiday Gift Ideas - mascaras

Eyeshadow palettes and makeup sets:

Of course you can go more expensive, but even within this budget you can find palettes like the Urban Decay “Naked Basics” or the Too Faced “Glamour to Go” palette.

One of the two special edition palettes from The Body Shop “01 Smoky Brown” and “02 Smoky Plum”, each of which comes with four eyeshadows, a mini eyeshadow brush and a mini eyeliner brush.

One of the three Lip and Cheek kits from Benefit (“Sugarlicious”, “Feelin’ Dandy” or “Go Tropicoral”).

Holiday Gift Ideas - palettes

A Sephora collection palette
One of the “Colorful Palettes” or the “Pro Lesson Palettes”, the “Enchanting Eye Palette”, one of the two “It Palettes”, the “Event Entry Palette”.

Holiday Gift Ideas - Sephora palettes

Depending on where you live, you can find more options. For example, as I have seen on the U.S. Sephora site, you can find way more options there than you can in Europe and usually for less.

Also, in my area I have seen gift sets from Korres, but I have not confirmed if at least some of them are available in other places as well.

Nail polish sets:

One of the limited edition nail sets that most companies release, from Christmas collections or not.

One of the special effects nail kits, like for example the Ciaté’s “Caviar Manicure”, “Velvet Manicure” or “Feather Manicure” or Nails inc.’s “Bling it on Leather”.

Holiday Gift Ideas - nails


It’s quite a challenge to find any perfume under €30! The only ones I found are: Lady Gaga’s “Fame”, Shakira’s “S” and “S Eau Florale”, Justin Bieber’s “Girlfriend” and by Mango “Rock Deluxe”, “Dance Queen” and “Lady Rebel”. At the same price you can also find the Mango perfumes in box sets with an extra body lotion (100ml).

You can also get one of The Body Shop’s sets, like for example the “White Musk Shower, Soften & Spitz” or “White Musk Smoky Rose Spitz Duo” gift set.

There are not many options within this budget, so, if you want and can afford it, feel free to choose one of the many box sets that can be found especially this time of the year and surpass the €30 limit.

Holiday Gift Ideas - perfumes

Body and bath sets:

You can find bath sets in many local places, but here I mention a few choices from international brands.

So, The Body Shop has a great number of such sets, starting from really low prices. You can choose a scent from the limited edition Christmas line or from the permanent one. My personal favorite from the permanent line is the Shea Butter scent.

Sephora collection also has few options and many scents to choose from, both limited edition and permanent ones. My personal favorite from the permanent line remains the Monoi scent.

Of course you can make your own sets by combining items. In that case, you have more control over the type of products, the scent and the prize. If you are getting a gift for a friend and you know her favorite scent or even better her favorite body/ bath product, get that one for her even if there isn’t any pre – made set available.

Holiday Gift Ideas - bath sets

Makeup brushes:

Within that specific budget, you can find makeup brush sets in drugstores or online, from Eco Tools and Real Techniques or from The Body Shop.

You might also be able to get two Sephora collection brushes for under €30, or a little over that. My recommendations: #13 Rounded Crease brush, #50 Kabuki brush and #45 Mineral Powder brush from the professionnel line and the #111 Natural Foundation brush from the IT line. I haven’t tried any brush of the new line, so I do not have an opinion on those.

Holiday Gift Ideas - makeup brushes

Fashion accessories:

You can get her clothes or fashion accessories like, jewelry, scarves, beanies, gloves or mittens or a handbag.

All items in the image below are from H&M and all individually under €20 (or at least I have found them here under €20), so you can even combine two or more…

Holiday Gift Ideas - accessories (H&M)


Candles can make ideal Holliday presents for women that are not necessarily into makeup, of any age, for family, close friends or just acquaintances.

Again, there are also limited edition ones, as well as gift sets. You can also create a set by buying a candle and a candle sleeve or base, depending on the candle.

It doesn’t even have to be a candle itself, you can get an oil/ tart burner with a scent (or more) of your choice.

Holiday Gift Ideas - candles

Some random and unisex gift ideas:

French press coffee maker, mugs, travel mugs and tumblers that can also be accompanied by a Starbucks (or any other coffee place)’s gift card or/ and a pack of coffee, hot cocoa or tea.

An alarm clock. If you are shopping for someone that has to get up early in the morning, pull all-nighters, or is late to your meetings/ dates, or you find that they can use an alarm clock, you can find some cool ones.

Gift Cards
I don’t think any further explanation is needed here. You can find gift card from all sort of shopping places, physical or online.

Books always make great presents to anyone at any age. In case you don’t know it, Book Depository, an online bookstore, offers worldwide free shipping, a variety of genres and at good prices. I have bought from them before and I had no issues.

Stocking stuffers ideas:

Face masks, hand cream, false lashes and/ or lash glue (if you know the lady you are shopping for wears false lashes),  lip balm (limited edition Christmas ones, or not), solid perfume, perfume atomizer, a nail polish, nail wraps or nail stickers, a nail file, hair ties, a compact mirror, a purse hook, a bar of soap, fluffy socks, candle tarts, chocolate.

Even ear buds, a USB flash drive or a memory card (you have to be sure that you are getting one that is for her appliances).

You can break gift sets that contain few items and give them to multiple persons, like for example a set of lipglosses or eyeliners.

christmas tree smallΤhe accessories mentioned previously can serve as stocking stuffers, as well.


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