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DIY Brush Cleaner

Apart from regular deep cleaning with shampoo, you can use a brush cleaner to spot clean your makeup brushes much more often, even on a daily basis. There are many options in the market. Personally, I’ve been using the MAC Brush Cleanser for years and even though it is not an expensive product itself, the […]

DIY Facial Spray

DIY Facial Spray

In my last post I talked about facial sprays in general. As I said they are so easy to be made and at low cost and I also promised to write more about DIY facial sprays in a separate post. So, here we go. First of all, have in mind that a DIY facial spray […]

Matte Nails (the steam technique)

Make Any Nail Color Matte Using Just Water

Quick Tip: I do not know if that is widely known, but I’ve just found it out, I tested it and I thought to post about it. Heat some water until it’s almost boiled. It has to be steamy hot. All you have to do is paint your nails and before they dry, place them […]

Face Brush

Add a Face Brush into your Routine

Quick Tip Add a face brush into your routine. It makes a HUGE difference. What it does: It exfoliates and provides deeper cleansing. It stimulates skin microcirculation. It stimulates the muscles under the skin that keep the skin tighter. How to use it: Apply some cleanser on your face or the brush itself and brush […]

Using a Men’s Razor?

Quick Tip In few words, if you are shaving, give men’s razors a try. If you want to hear about my experience, go ahead and keep reading… I had heard more than once that men’s razors work better and that many women opt for them, so I decided to give it a go. I have […]

Get Glitterized (vol. 2)

It’s Glitter Time for your Nails! For all the nails, for one (accent) nail, all over the nail, or to the tips, doing designs or not, whatever you want to do to your nails, do it with glitter. Actually, unlike makeup, in manicure you can use any kind of glitter you want, even the big […]

Get Glitterized (vol. 1)

It’s Glitter Time! This is probably the time of the year when the most glitter is used. It’s unquestionably festive, yet it can be a hassle to use it. It goes everywhere and you can end up having it in areas you don’t want to “glitterize”. So, here are some tips to control the hassle, […]