DIY Facial Spray

In my last post I talked about facial sprays in general. As I said they are so easy to be made and at low cost and I also promised to write more about DIY facial sprays in a separate post. So, here we go.

First of all, have in mind that a DIY facial spray lacks preservatives and that means that even though a spray you buy might be good for a few years (from the moment it is made), a DIY one will be good and safe to use only for a few weeks. I wouldn’t use one for more than a month. And that if it doesn’t contain tap water. Tap water would diminish its self-life substantially, so I must advise you against it. A spray with tap water would last only a few days, maybe a week and then it would mold. So, if you want to use tap water, try to make a new one every few days.

So, you should not use tap water, what can you use? Distilled water, or rosewater. Both of them are inexpensive. Rosewater is good for acne-prone skin, it is moisturizing and it has antioxidant and anti-bacterial properties. Also, you can make green tea using distilled water and use it in your DIY spray. Green tea has antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties. Honestly, you can use just that, I mean rosewater or green tea (made with distilled water), without adding anything else. Both rosewater and green tea have skincare properties.

Since it has a limited shelf-life, I would suggest making small portions at a time. I used a small spray bottle (I think it’s a 30ml or 1oz one), but you could use whatever you have or whatever you can find and simply don’t fill it up. It is extremely easy to made, try not to make too much at once, and toss it if a few weeks have gone by and you haven’t finished it. You can make a fresh one at any time.

Over the last weeks (about a couple of months actually) I’ve been testing some DIY facial sprays. And when I say testing, I mean testing them with about 35°C (95°F), or even more, we had these past weeks. Personally, I used rosewater. It has some extra benefits for the skin and it has a rose scent. Earlier this summer M·A·C released a collection of 4 limited edition scented Fix+, one of which was rose scented.

The main idea, or the core of the recipe, is using 2.5-3 parts water and 0.5-1 part glycerin. Then you can add a couple more ingredients, like aloe vera gel (it has moisturizing and soothing properties, something that is good especially after sun exposure), tea tree oil (it’s great for acne-prone skin plus it’s a natural preservative), jojoba oil (it’s good for the skin, moisturizing and it’s not too oily, if that makes sense), vitamin E oil (it’s a natural antioxidant and preservative, plus it’s super moisturizing). I mention the two natural preservatives because I want to point out that adding a couple of drops of those oils (no more than a couple), not only will it be beneficial for the skin, but it will also prolong the spray’s shelf-life.

You can try adding different ingredients yourself and see what works the best with your skin, especially if you already use natural ingredients in your routine. I mean, I use jojoba oil at night instead of a serum or a night cream and first of all I already had it, so I didn’t have to buy it and on the other hand I know that my skin likes it. So I added a few drops if jojoba oil into my DIY facial spray. The one I have and used in my DYIs is Apivita’s organic jojoba oil.

I also used 1-2 drops of The Body Shop’s tea tree oil I already had, since I have acne prone skin. The Body Shop’s tea tree oil, though, is 15% tea tree oil and has a strong scent.

DIY Facial SprayA simple 3 parts water and less than 1 part glycerin is totally OK, you don’t have to add anything else if you don’t want. I simply wanted to try different variations and see what works the best for my skin and also give you some examples.

If you have dry skin try a 3:1 ratio. If you have oily skin use less glycerin, like 2.5-3 parts water to 0.5 part glycerin.

You can add 1-2 drops of essential oil (like lavender essential oil) to make a scented DIY facial spray, like those limited edition M·A·C Prep + Prime Fix+ sprays. Why not?
Lavender essential oil has a calming scent that helps to treat migraines and headaches and is often used in acne treatment, as well.

It might be a no-brainer, but make sure you clean and disinfect (with alcohol) the spray bottle, including the actual spray, before you use it and also in between refills.


The variations I tried (bear in mind that I have oily skin):

DIY Facial Spray

2-2.5 parts rosewater
0.5 part glycerin
less than 0.5 part aloe vera gel
1-2 drops tea tree oil
4-5 drops jojoba oil

Aloe vera gel makes it blurry. Don’t use more than 0.5 part, cause it makes the skin a bit sticky. Especially this facial spray I felt it helped in setting the makeup. I wouldn’t call it a ‘setting spray’, though. If you check my previous post, you will read that the majority of setting sprays contain a great amount of alcohol.


DIY Facial Spray

2.5-3 parts rosewater
0.5-1 part glycerin
1-2 drops vitamin E oil
1-2 drops tea tree oil
4-5 drops jojoba oil

Vitamin E oil made that spray super moisturizing. It was a bit oily [for me that I have oily skin], so it might not be ideal for summer, especially for someone with oily skin, but I still enjoyed it. It did not make my skin produce more sebum, it was merely too rich for my skin, yet so moisturizing.


DIY Facial Spray2.5-3 parts rosewater
0.5-1 part glycerin
4-5 drops jojoba oil

It is a moisturizing spray, less than the previous one with vitamin E oil, though and like the one with aloe vera, it kind of helped to set the makeup.




Overall, I liked trying different ingredients in order to find out what works the best for my skin and I liked all of them. The next one that I’ll make will probably be the last one plus the tiniest amount of aloe vera gel and we’ll see.

So, what else do you think can be added in a DIY facial spray? Do you have any idea?

!Keeping the facial spray in the fridge, not only will it offer you a cooling mist, but it will prolong its shelf-life.

!Find a spray that dispenses the mist the way you like it.



  1. I have all these ingreds. in my house…wlill try tonight!

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