Inglot Powder Blushes

Inglot Freedom System Blushes (#20, #28, #36, #48, #55, #62, #68, #69) Review and Swatches

Inglot blushes are really pigmented, like most of the Inglot products, as I have previously mentioned on former posts (about the Inglot Sleeks Creams and AMC Cream Blushes). And just like all the other Inglot products, powder blushes come with an expiration date. Also, they are numbered and not named.

So, they are pigmented, and also velvety with soft texture. Being that soft makes them a bit dusty sometimes. They are easily blendable.

Since they are pigmented, it’s better to be applied with fluffy or duo fiber brushes. It’s always easier to add more color rather than tone it down and the intensity of the Inglot blushes’ intensity can be built up.

Inglot divides the powder blushes in plain and AMC blushes. I do not know what’s their difference, all I know is that AMC stands for Advanced Makeup Components.

There are both matte and shimmery blushes.

I have only one shimmery (#36) which is not too shimmery. It is subtle but it’s like having a blush and a highlight on, which can be totally great, but it cannot be my personal go-to day blush since the sun shines bright most days of the year, where I live. I don’t like it to have sparkles on my cheeks at 10 in the morning. But that is my personal preference and I have oily skin after all, my face is never matte.

From the ones I have, #28, which was actually the first I got,  is the most neutral one I  think and it would look nice on most skintones. I could probably describe the color as a kind of natural dusty pink.

I find #68 to be the most unique color. It’s a bright coral and yet so wearable.

The ones with vivid colors (#48, #62, #69) might look scary, but if applied light handed, can look totally great. Or they can be mixed with others, for a more personal color.

From the freedom blushes I own, #55, #62, #68, #69 are AMC blushes, while the rest of them, #20, #28, #36, #48 are plain (non-AMC) blushes.

INGLOT - Freedom System Blushes 20, 28, 36, 55INGLOT - Freedom System Blushes 20, 28, 36, 55 (swatches)INGLOT - Freedom System Blushes 20, 28, 36, 55

INGLOT - Freedom System Blushes 48, 62, 68, 69 (swatches)INGLOT - Freedom System Blushes 48, 62, 68, 69INGLOT - Freedom System Blushes 48, 62, 68, 69

All blushes come with a warning for them NOT to be applied in the eye area. That is probably because carmine that is contained in many blushes can cause eye allergy. Personally, I don’t have that kind of allergy nor have I ever had any issue whenever I used an Inglot (or any other brand for that matter) blush in the eye area. Just be conscious that applying a blush around your eye can cause an allergic reaction.

Inglot products in general, as well as their powder blushes, do not contain parabens.

INGLOT - Freedom System Blushes - ingredients

Inglot Powder Blushes – the Ingredients

I got my Inglot blushes in the freedom system pans that come with 6 g (or 0.21 US oz). The Inglot site says that they come in 7 g (0.25 US oz) but all mine are 6 g. I don’t know what’s happening but I noticed the same thing when I was written my post on the Inglot Sleeks Creams. Maybe they have changed them, or maybe the ones sold here contain less product than the ones sold in other places. I have no idea.

[Writing this post I realized the difference and since it was the second time I see that kind of quantity difference between their site and products I own (see my Sleeks Creams post), I contacted Inglot through their site, asking them to explain that difference, in order to include it here. I actually postponed posting this review because I was waiting their response that 1 week later has yet to come! If they ever response me (just saying!) I will update it. What’s the point of having a “contact us” section on your site if you are not responding?]

INGLOT - Freedom System Blushes 48, 62 INGLOT - Freedom System Blushes 62

They also come in individual pots, which the site mention powder blushes to contain 2.5 g (or 0.09 US oz) and the AMC blushes 4 g (or 0.14US oz) of product. I do not own any in pots to know if that’s the case or not!

The price depends on where you live, but the pans not only do they come with more product as the pots, but they are also cheaper.

The Inglot blush pan fit in the freedom system blush slots (of course!), while the powder slots can hold two powder blushes or a powder blush and two square pans (that can be eyeshadows, lipsticks, lipglosses, concealers, brow-waxes pans). I find the latter option really convenient. I like for example having the numbers 20 and 55 blushes together in a single powder palette, since they go well together and I usually mix them, and in a different palette I enjoy having a blush and two eyeshadows for an easy makeup look without much further thinking. It’s also great to carry around or travel with, something that I did this summer (click here to see what beauty products I took with me, including my little Inglot palette).

INGLOT - Freedom System Palettes

1 blush + 3 eyeshadows Inglot Freedom System palettes

INGLOT - Freedom System Palettes

Single Face Powder Inglot Freedom System palettes

P.S. I know this is a looooooong post and it actually makes me wonder if anyone will read it, but apparently I had a lot to say!

INGLOT - Freedom System Blushes 20, 28, 36, 48, 55, 62, 68, 69

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  1. Great picks 🙂

  2. I love Inglot eyeshadows, but I haven’t tried any of their blushes yet. I absolutely need to try #55 and #28. Beautiful color choices!

    1. Since you love their eyeshadows you’re gonna love the blushes too.
      Thanks. You picked good ones yourself!

      1. Thanks, I’m excited to make a trip to my local Inglot store for some much needed retain therapy after all my finals are done!

  3. Hi there! I came across your blog when looking up INGLOT reviews.

    Re: how you’ve arranged the INGLOT palettes, could you confirm whether the single powder palettes – where you’ve put 2 blushes #55 & 20, or 1 blush + 2 shadows – are the palettes intended for Inglots pressed powder?

    The pressed powder pan dimensions are larger along both length and width, hence the question.

    I loved your idea, and want to get a powder palette to place a blush + 2 shadows as well!

    1. Well, I cannot claim the originality of the idea. A guy that works at an Inglot store told me that. I guess that sort of versatility is intentional.

      Yes these are the Inglot single powder palettes.

      I’m not sure where you found the dimensions of the different Inglot pans, but I can tell you that the blushes are 1/2 of the powder and the square pans (eyeshadows, lipsticks etc) 1/4. I haven’t actually measure them, but as you can see in the image, the powder slot fits perfectly 2 blushes or 1 blush + 2 square pans, and something that you cannot see in that image but I have done it, it can also fit 4 square pans. Similarly the blush slot can fit 2 square pans.

      I hope this answers your question.

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