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No More Nail Stains

Quick Tip: To remove yellow stains from your nails, scrub some (whitening preferably) toothpaste. The toothpaste, not only will it remove the stains, but it will also add shine to your nails. For extra whitening, add few drops of lemon juice or cut a lemon in two and scrub it to the nails or immerse […]

Keep the Beach Close (a.k.a. DIY sea salt hair spray)

Ingredients: 1 – 1.5 cups (warm) water (depends on the salty intensity you want the spray to be) 1 tablespoon sea salt 1 tablespoon hair gel (that depends on the strength of the hair gel you have and/ or the preferable strength of the sea salt spray) These are the main ingredients but you can […]

Hair Conditioning your Legs?

Quick Tip: If you are out of shaving cream, or you want to pack lighter for your trip, use hair conditioner, instead. The conditioner will act as a smooth and slick barrier between the razor and your skin.

Yogurt on Sunburns

Quick tip: Yogurt (plain, full fat) is the most natural after-sun cream you can get. Simply apply it directly to the skin. This is one of the most traditional Greek beauty remedies, so I know for fact that it works with Greek yogurt, but I’m not so sure if it works with any other plain yogurt. […]

Mix ’em up

Quick Tip: For a natural, smooth face make up that lasts long, mix your foundaton with your primer.

Lubricate your Culticles

Quick Tip: To treat your culticles (both fingers and toes) apply some olive oil to them with a cotton ball and massage a bit. This will make them softer and better looking. For more intense results place [your fingers, it would be difficult for your toes] in a bowl with warm olive oil [be careful […]

Water your Hair

Quick Tip: Specialists say that you should avoid washing your hair everyday. But if you are from those that tend to wash it every day or if you think your [oily] hair needs to be washed everyday, try to shampoo it evey other day and water it in between (just the way you do when […]