H&M Eyeshadows in Baci Di Dama and Candied Almond

Baci Di Dama and Candied Almond H&M High Impact Eye Colour Review

If you have checked my newly established Instagram account, you might have seen a preview of this post, which is a review for two H&M eyeshadows.

H&M High Impact Eye Colours, or simply H&M eyeshadows, come in a variety of colors and in different finishes. I got two with different finishes, a matte (I would probably call it satin) and metallic one. Swatching them at the store the shimmery ones seemed too shimmery to me.

H&M describes them as “A silky eye colour that blends easily for a vivid, velvety finish that applies easily and stays put. Available in a vast range of curated colours and eye-catching effects. From soft mattes to rich shimmers to bold metallics, the possibilities are endless. 2 g (0.07 oz). How to use: Apply on your eyelid, blending as desired. Wear on top of eye primer for even more intense and long-lasting results.”

HM High Impact Eye Colour

Baci Di Dama eyeshadow has a golden color and a metallic finish. It has a similar finish to M·A·C’s veluxe pearl and it’s not just the finish it also feels a lot like a M·A·C veluxe pearl. Comparing it to M·A·C shadows, All That Glitters is pinkier and Woodwinked is more metallic.

HM High Impact Eye Colour

Candied Almond is a matte eyeshadow. To me, it seems similar to M·A·C’s satin finish. As a matter of fact, Candied Almond is similar in both finish and color to M·A·C Cork eyeshadow, just a bit darker. It has a coppery-golden brown color.

HM High Impact Eye Colour

Both Baci Di Dama and Candied Almond are pigmented and they blend easily. I don’t find them very long-lasting on their own, so for a long-wear look, I would suggest pairing them with an eyeshadow primer.

H&M eyeshadows are packaged in white with gold plastic cases and just like the brand’s blushes, they look way better and more luxurious than they feel.

They come with 2 g (0.07 oz) and I got them for € 5.99 each.

HM High Impact Eye Colour

HM High Impact Eye Colour HM High Impact Eye Colour

HM High Impact Eye Colour HM High Impact Eye Colour

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  1. Pretty colors and the packaging is very chic.

    1. It feels kinda cheap though.

  2. blancobeauty · · Reply

    Loved this post! Also I just restarted my blog and I would love it if you would check it out! X

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