H&M ‘In The Buff’ Lip Saviour Balm

Few weeks ago I went to an H&M store and I got a couple of things from their beauty line. Since I like lip balms and after swatching the Lip Saviour Balm, I couldn’t resist.

H&M’s Lip Saviour Balm is a slightly tinted lip balm and it comes in three colors. I got the lightest one, the pink shade “In The Buff”.

H&M describes it as: “A lip balm with a creamy formula that soothes dry lips and protects them from the elements. Vitamins A, C and E team up with beeswax to leave your lips soft and silky with a hint of colour and natural shine”.

It is indeed creamy, it has a pink tint, but what it mainly does is that it enhances the natural color of the lips while giving them a shiny, glossy (yet not sticky) finish.

As a balm, it soothes and moisturizes the lips. It conditions them and even when it’s gone, it leaves them soft.

It comes in a black plastic tube. It does not close too firmly, so if you put it in your purse I cannot promise you that the cap won’t come off. Nor that it will surely come off, though.

It comes with 3 g (0.11 oz) of product. I’m not sure if that’s a pan-European price, but I got it for € 5.99 (incl. tax).

HM In The Buff Lip Saviour BalmHM In The Buff Lip Saviour Balm

HM In The Buff Lip Saviour BalmHM In The Buff Lip Saviour Balm

HM In The Buff Lip Saviour Balm

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  1. I need to go to H&M and grab one of these!

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