Product Shout Out: Essence Studio Nails Fast Cuticle Remover

This product has triggered a new series in my blog, the product shout out series, where basically I mention a product that I’m loving at the moment, or an item that has impressed me, something that you needs to check out… (you get the idea). Overall, a product I want to share. I don’t want to force a schedule. I will have a shout out post whenever I find something that worths a shout out!

So, the Essence Studio Nails Fast Cuticle Remover is responsible for the series, but what it is? Well, it helps you give yourself a manicure much faster. How I see it, instead of soaking your fingers in water for several minutes, you leave this product on your cuticles for just a few seconds.

It’s a clear gel in a nail polish – like bottle with a doe foot applicator.

What it says on the packaging:
“Apply gel once a week on cuticles, wait 15 sec. and gently push back cuticles. Wash hands after use.
Warning: contains alkali. Avoid contact with eyes. Can cause blindness. Keep out of reach of children”

I know that last part sounds scary, but many products have similar warnings. They merely want to be covered. Just don’t touch your face while you have this on your cuticles and wash your hands afterwards, as it says in the directions.

How I use it: I do one hand at the time. I apply on the cuticles and in the sides, where it tends to get dry, and I leave it for few seconds, maximum 1 minute. I push back the cuticles, clip what I feel needs to be clipped (especially those dry spots I said before) with a cuticle nipper and… Voila! I’m done! Then, after washing my hands, I apply some cuticle nourishing oil, so for a complete “manicure spa experience” I would suggest applying some sort of cuticle nourishing product, or any kind of oil (olive, sweet almond, jojoba, coconut…) for that matter, or even some hand cream.

I don’t use it weekly as it suggests. I’ve only used it twice so far and the second time was 2 weeks after the first use. But I guess that depends on the individual’s cuticles!

Also, don’t forget it’s Essence, so it is inexpensive.

Essence Studio Nails Fast Cuticle Remover Essence Studio Nails Fast Cuticle Remover


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