A Nail Hardener that Actually Works?

My Experience with Peggy Sage Express Nail Hardener (Nail Treatment), a Review

What it is and how to use it…
Peggy Sage Express Nail Hardener is a 2-week nail treatment for weak or damaged nails. On the 1st day, you apply one coat of the hardener (on bare nails) and nothing else, no polish over it. On the 2nd day, you apply one new layer over the old one. On the 3rd day, you remove it with some polish remover and apply a new layer and the next day a new one over that. The following day you remove it and start over and you go on for 14 days altogether. During these 2 weeks, you should not wear any other nail polish. After that, you can use it weekly as a base coat.

It has a sheer whitish tint, which is obvious after the second coat. It is applied easily and it is not streaky at all.

It comes with 11ml (0.37 fl oz) of product and the 2-week treatment made me use about 1/4, or even less, of the product. [The price would vary from country to country. Personally, I got it for about €13.50-14.00 (incl. tax), but I’ve also found it at €15.00 here. You probably might be able to find it for less where you live.]

My experience…
My nails were not damaged but are naturally kind of weak. On day 7, I couldn’t really see any change. My nails seemed the same to me. When I noticed the difference was on day 9. I don’t know what changed in just two days, but that’s when my nails seemed harder, actually felt harder. My nails were not damaged and did not really have any imperfections visually. After day 9 they haven’t been broken, or anything, even though I have left them grow, while without the treatment a nail or two would probably have been broken just a bit.

As a base for a nail polish, I find it to be… not ideal. I’ve only tried it once [as a base under an Essie polish] and it didn’t facilitate the nail polish application. It wasn’t impossible to apply the polish, nor extremely difficult, merely not easy.

Does it worth it?
I think so. I wasn’t really expecting much, just because my nails are weak (or weakish) naturally and nothing has really done anything for them in the past. But I’d heard many good things about this treatment and I wanted to try it. So far I’m really satisfied by the results. I’m not sure how long will they [the results] last, though, or when I will need to repeat the 2-week treatment.

Peggy Sage Express Nail Hardener

 Peggy Sage Express Nail HardenerPeggy Sage Express Nail Hardener

 Peggy Sage Express Nail HardenerPeggy Sage Express Nail Hardener

Peggy Sage Express Nail Hardener


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