Season’s Trend: The Color Purple

Spring/ Summer 2015 Trend: Purple, Lavender, Violet, Mauve…

Purple. That’s a color to incorporate to your eye makeup this season. It complements most eye colors and furthermore, it can be quite neutral, yet not boring at all. You can add it in small touches, like along the lower lash line discreetly; or in a more profound way, creating a purple smoky look.

Purple eye makeup looks were popular during Spring/ Summer 2015 fashion weeks and in a number of designers’ runway shows.

Purple eyeshadow all over the lid for the models at the runway shows of Derek Lam and Matthew Williamson:

Smoky purple eyes at Vera Wang and Guy Laroche:

Pastel lavender purple for the eye makeup of the models at Sally LaPointe and Rochas:

That is a trend that celebrities seem to enjoy. From subtle purple along the lower lashline like Taylor Swift, to more dramatic eye looks, like Amanda Seyfried, here there are purple makeup looks from recent appearances of some celebrities:

Other Makeup Trends of the Season:





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  1. ooh these looks are amazing! I recently picked up a drugstore palette that has some purple shades in it. might have to do a first impressions post on it 😉😊

    1. Sound like a great idea! 🙂

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