Makeup Inspiration: Taylor Swift’s Aqua and Bronze Eye Makeup

Let’s Get a Closer Look at…

Taylor Swift‘s aqua (upper lid) and bronze (lower lid) eye makeup at SNL 40th anniversary celebration that took place last weekend in New York.

Taylor Swift's aqua and bronze eye makeup

Get a closer look at some other Taylor Swift’s looks:
Taylor Swift Combines 2 Makeup Trends
Taylor Swift’s Shimmery Blue Eyeliner

Get a closer look at:
Rihanna’s blue lips
Rihanna’s Diamonds World Tour makeup look
Rihanna’s M·A·C Viva Glam promo pictures makeup look

Get a closer look at some other eye makeup looks:
Elle Fanning’s Color of the Year Graphic Liner
Emma Stone’s Updated Blue Cat Eye
Elle Fanning’s Matching Yellow Eyeliner – Nails (@ Comic-Con 2014)
January Jones’ Color Block Eyeliner
Kat Graham’s Aqua Eyeliner
Emmy Rossum’s gold eyeliner and Katie Cassidy and Reese Witherspoon’s bronze eyeliner
Hayden Panettiere Follows the Colorful Eyeliner Trend
AnnaSophia Robb’s matching makeup – nails in Seventeen magazine, May 2013 issue
AnnaSophia Robb’s 3-Colored Eyeliner Look
Marion Cotillard’s Eyes (at the 2013 BAFTA)
Nina Dobrev and Jennifer Lawrence’s Eye Makeup Looks



  1. Love this post! Would love for you to check out my blog if you have time💋 x

  2. Taylor Swift has always been a beauty icon for me. She always looks so beautiful! xoxo

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