Beauty Buys – June 2014

My purchases this month had a summery scent, with sunscreens and after-suns and some shower gel, the name of which, on its own, brings summer memories [to me].

Besides the summer theme, which makes sense for June buys I guess, the month was also mainly dominated by two brands, Korres and Essence. And once again I came across some good deals.

Beauty Buys June 2014 - cosmetics

From Korres: A set of Wild Rose peeling mask/ AHA 10% (40 ml – 1.35 fl.oz.) that came with a deluxe sample (20 ml – 0.68 fl.oz.) of Wild Rose overnight sleeping facial and a foil sample (1.5 ml – 0.05 fl.oz.) of Wild Rose foundation in the ‘RF2’ shade which is probably too dark for me, in the price of the peeling mask on its own. Both Wild Rose peeling mask  and  Wild Rose overnight sleeping facial are new products.
1+1 set of ‘Santorini Vine’ shower gel (that’s a new scent), moisturizing and soothing After-Sun Face Cream Yogurt, Chamomile softening soap (for face and body), 2 Volcanic Minerals Long Lasting Eyeliners in ’03 Metallic Brown’ and ’04 Purple’ (these eyeliners are also new). I also got another shade of the Volcanic Minerals Twist Eyeshadows,  in ’29 Golden Bronze’. Volcanic Minerals Twist Eyeshadows are limited edition products and I have already made a post on the other two shade I have, which you can check out here.

From Frezyderm: Sun Screen Velvet Second Skin Technology wit spf 50+. That is a yellowish clear sunscreen that looks something like those silicone-based clear primers and can be used as a base for foundation. Based on my experience so far, as a base it isn’t as good as a typical primer in prolonging the wear of foundation, but it does a descent job, especially since t is not a primer, but a suscreen.

From Piz Buin: Ultra Light Dry Touch Face Fluid with spf 30. I found it 50% off and I thought to get it to see if it’s comparable to my beloved Vichy Capital Soleil Dry Touch sunscreen, since it’s less expensive. I got it a couple of days ago, so I haven’t tried it yet.

From Bioderma: Photoderm Après-Soleil refreshing after-sun milk.

From Bekra Mineral: Deo-Kristal. As I mentioned in my post about the beauty discoveries of 2012, I use only crystal deodorant and this is the first time I’m getting this brand.

From Organic Royal Jelly lip serum. It’s the first time I’m using a lip serum. I use it at night, I like it so far, even though I’m not a huge fan of its fruity scent , but that’s personal. I don’t like fruity scents.


From Revlon: 2 Colorburst Lacquer Balms in ‘110 Coquette’ and ‘115 Whimsical/ Fantaisiste’. There was a coupon at the store for €4 off  for spending over a certain amount and I got both.i

From H&M: 2 Lip Tints in ‘Deep Red’ and ‘Hot Pink’. The original price was €3.95 each, but they were marked down to €1 each, hence, I got them!
They are like lip tarts, you only need a small dot and you can also mix colors together. So, apart from being pigmented, they are mat, velvety and do not dry out the lips. They are long wearing, but they are not stains, they transfer. It needs some makeup remover to remove them from skin, so I’d say do not apply the dot at the back of the hand. If you apply them with a brush, you’ll need some oil to break up the product before washing it. These are only first impressions, I’ve just got them, I haven’t had the chance to play around with them yet.

From Essence: ‘All About Nude’ and ‘All About Sunrise’ eyeshadow palettes. They are really good, especially for their price, that’s why I got Sunrise after trying the Nude one. 2 Blush Up! powder blushes (ombre blushes) in ’10 heat wave’ and ’20 pinky flow’. Big Bright Eyes pencil in ’01 highlight it… nude’, ’13 Love Me’ longlasting lipstick, Moisturizing Culticle Cream and from the “Viva Brazil” collection ’02 I ♥ Brazil eyeshadow’ and ’01 Colour Parade’ lip balm, with tri-colored transverse rings.

I also got some coconut oil and since I use it mainly as a hair treatment, I guess it deserves a place here.

Beauty Buys June 2014 - coconut oil

Beauty Buys June 2014

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