My 10 (Beauty – Related) Essentials for Summer

I wouldn’t call them “must – haves”, since they do not necessarily apply to everyone and, honestly, one can live without most (if not all) of them. They are simply things I have enjoyed the past summers, as well as this summer so far. Some of them I use mainly in summers and others all-year-round.

I narrowed them down to 10 items. In each category I might use more than those specific ones, but these are either my very favorite, at least for summer, or what I’m using right now.  You’ll see what I mean if you keep reading.

1. Evian facial spray. That’s not necessarily my favorite, but that one I have right now. I tend to keep it in the fridge for an extra cooling effect.

2. Hair elastics, like the ones in the picture. I have long hair, so, I practically put one of these in May and take it out in October! The ones in the pictures are simply my latest purchase and they are from Divided by H&M.

3. A waterproof mascara, for its long wearing and sweat-proof properties. The one I’m currently using is the Glamour Doll waterproof mascara  by Catrice.

4. A bronzer. M·A·C’s Defined Golden bronzing powder is my favorite. I also use it as a crease eye shadow, paired with M·A·C’s ‘Naked Lunch’ eyeshadow, mentioned below. (Click here for my ‘Defined Golden’ review and comparison with M·A·C’s ‘Matte Bronze’)

5. A cheek stain. Cheek stains tend to be long wearing, sweat-proof and can also be used on the lips. My favorite one is Benefit’s ‘Benetint’.

6. Sunscreen for the lips. I have a couple more lip balms with spf, but Frezyderm’s Sun Screen Lip Balm with spf 50 is my favorite for summer.

7. Sunscreen for the face. Vichy’s Capital Soleil Dry Touch with spf 30 is my favorite. I have oily skin and that sunscreen not only doesn’t it makes the face oilier, but it mattifies it. The one in the picture is with the old packaging. I haven’t repurchased it yet this summer (I still have some left), because I wanted to try some other ones, but the Vichy’s Capital Soleil Dry Touch remains my favorite one.

8. M·A·C’s ‘Naked Lunch’ eyeshadow. In the picture it doesn’t seem like a much used item because it’s a repurchase, that’s a new one. (Click here for my post of my 10 favorite M·A·C eyeshadow that includes swatches of ‘Naked Lunch’ and the rest of the eyeshadows)

9. Blotting sheets or/ and a mattifying powder. What I have right now and use are Essence’s ‘All About Matt!’ oil control paper and Catrice’s ‘All Matt plus’ powder in ‘010 Transparent’.

10. DIY sea salt hair spray. In the picture, there is an empty(!) spray bottle symbolically, since I haven’t made one yet. I will soon, though. If  you want to see how I make it, the recipe, click here. It’s super easy to make, super inexpensive and it gives a beachy vibe to your hair, even if you are not living close to a beach.

What are some of your own summer essentials?

My 10 Summer Essentials



  1. xolollypop · · Reply

    Benetint is beautiful! Adds a beautiful sheer pop of colour! |

  2. Blotting paper! I forgot that in my summer list, whoops! I think you’ve got a great list here. 🙂

    1. Thanks. I have oily skin, blotting paper is something I can’t forget.

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