Korres Twist Eyeshadows #11 and #68, Swatches and First Impressions

Korres Volcanic Minerals Twist Eyeshadow
Intense Color | Long-Lasting | 24h Wear

Korres Twist Eyeshadows are new, limited edition products for this summer. And since they are limited edition items, I thought to post photos and swatches and also share my first impressions, asap.

I have no idea if they are (or will be) available internationally, anywhere Korres products are sold, or not.

Anyways, they come in 6 shades and I got 2 of them, #11 Ivory and #68 Golden Pink, the two lightest shades. The other shades are #29 Golden Bronze, #33 Grey Brown, #46 Olive Green and #96 Metallic Black.

According to Korres, Volcanic Minerals Twist Eyeshadows are creamy, satin eyeshadows with impressive, super high pigment content imparting bright color that lasts 24 hours without smearing.

They are ophthalmologically and dermatologically tested and formulated without paraben, mineral oil, propylene glycol and ethanolamine.

They come with 1.4 g (0.049 Oz) of product.

Each eyeshadow has a sharpener integrated.

So, based on my short-term experience with the product, I have to say that it is indeed long-lasting and once it is set it’s not going anywhere. And it sets quickly, but it gives you the time to blend it out.

I have oily lids and I haven’t noticed any creasing, even without a primer. I haven’t tested the 24 hour claim, though. Nor am I planning to! But I have tested wearing them for 12 hours.

Yet, I haven’t had any problem removing them, without extra effort.

They can be used on their own, or as bases for powder eyeshadows.

#11 Ivory is a bit metallic, peachy champagne color. It similar in color to MAC’s All That Glitters eyeshadow and slightly peachier than Benefit’s R.S.V.P. Creaseless Cream Shadow/ Liner.

I would describe #68 Golden Pink as a mauve taupe with fine golden shimmer that gives it a golden sheen. I find it quite unique color, especially for a cream eyeshadow.

That’s all I have to say for now. I might come back with a second post once I have used them for longer and have a better view. Overall, I like them a lot and hopefully they will become permanent products.

Korres Twist Eyeshadows - #11 and #68 Korres Twist Eyeshadows - #11 and #68Korres Twist Eyeshadows - #11 and #68Korres Twist Eyeshadows - #11 and #68
Korres Twist Eyeshadows - #11 and #68 Korres Twist Eyeshadows - #11 and #68Korres Twist Eyeshadows - #11 and #68Korres Twist Eyeshadows - #11 and #68 swatches


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