M·A·C Viva Glam Rihanna Facechart

M·A·C released the facechart of the products used in Rihanna’s makeup for the Viva Glam promo pictures. So, take a look:

Cleanser: Mineralize Charged Water Cleanser
Moisturizer: Studio Moisture Fix SPF 15
Primer: M·A·C Matte
Foundation: Mineralize Moisture SPF 15 Foundation with 191 Brush
Concealer: Mineralize Concealer with 217 Brush
Blush: Melba and Blunt or harmony Powder Blush with 168 Brush
Powder: Prep + Prime Transparent Finishing Powder with 227 Brush

Brows: Deep Brunette Veluxe Brow Liner with 266 Brush
Brow Highlight: Grain Eye Shadow with 228 Brush
Primer: Teddy Eye Kohl with 242 Brush
Eyelid: Embark Eye Shadow with 242 Brush
Crease: Embark Eye Shadow with 224 Brush
Liner/Eye-Liner: Teddy Eye Kohl with 219 Brush Liner
Liner, Upper/Eye-Liner, Haux: Blacktrack Fluidline with 210 Brush
Lashes: Opulash Optimum Black, 43 Lash

Primer: Prep + Prime Lip with 318 Brush
Pencil: Brick Lip Pencil
Lipstick: VIVA GLAM RiRi with 316 Brush

Get Rihanna’s Full Viva Glam Look

1.  Apply Mineralize Charged Water Cleanser with a M·A·C compact sponge to refresh skin.
2.  Apply Studio Moisture Fix SPF 15 with a short, round, flat-topped brush and buff onto skin.
3.  Apply M·A·C Matte to rough/dry skin or potentially oily areas.
4.  Apply M·A·C Mineralize Moisture SPF 15 Foundation to perimeter of the face for a soft glow with a large, flat, square-shaped brush. Avoid the T-zone.
5.  Buff Mineralize Concealer through the T-zone with a fine, densely packed, oval-shaped brush for a creamy, matte finish.
6.  With foundation and concealer still fresh, pat Melba Powder Blush onto the cheekbones and sweep Blunt Powder Blush underneath for a peachy, contoured cheek. Use a large angled contour brush for both.
7.  Use Prep + Prime Transparent Finishing Powder with an extra large paddle-shaped brush with a fluffed, rounded tip to set the T-zone and blush on the cheeks. Press powder into the skin.
8.  Using a small angle, shade and fill in the brow with Veluxe Brow Liner.
9.  Apply a soft brow highlight under the brow with Grain Eye Shadow using a shader brush.
10.  Deposit an opaque coverage of Teddy Eye Kohl on the lid with a small shader brush.
11.  Press Embark Eye Shadow over the Teddy Eye Kohl with the same brush.
12.  Diffuse the edges of Teddy Eye Kohl and Embark Eye Shadow up and into the crease with a soft fibre, medium size dome-shaped brush.
13.  Apply a heavy coat of Teddy Eye Kohl into the waterline and blend gently into the lower lashes with a small, smooth, pencil-shaped brush. The intensity should be the strongest at the waterline.
14.  Use Blacktrack Fluidline and an eyeliner brush to paint on a crisp, black liner that’s winged-out and hooks back into the crease. The liner should be thin and opaque black.
15.  Apply a M·A·C 43 Lash with Duo Adhesive and bind them by brushing in a thick coat of Opulash mascara in Optimum Black.
16.  Hydrate and smooth lip texture by applying Prep + Prime Lip.
17.  Saturate lip colour with VIVA GLAM Rihanna by applying two coats directly from the bullet.
18.  Using Brick Lip Pencil, finish the edges of the lip line by drawing a scant above the natural top of the lip line for a demure pout. Blend the Brick Lip Pencil and VIVA GLAM Rihanna together with a compact lip brush with a tapered tip.

(source: M·A·C)



Rihanna’s Diamonds World Tour Makeup Look (facechart)


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