M·A·C’s Top 10 Best Sellers of 2013

So, the top 10 M·A·C products with the most sales in 2013 are:

1. Candy Yum-Yum lipstick (matte)
2. Blacktrack fluidline
3. Fix+
4. Brush Cleanser
5. Prep + Prime Skin
6. Rebel lipstick (satin)
7. 217 blending brush
8. Please Me lipstick (matte)
9. Graphblack technakohl liner
10. Clear brow set

Do you own or have you tried any of these? Personally, I have tried five of them. I own Blacktrack fluidline (my favorite type of gel liners), Fix+, Brush Cleanser, #217 brush (my favorite eye brush) and a Prep + Prime Skin waits to be Back-2-MAC. In case you don’t know what Back-2-MAC is, it’s the company’s recycling reward program (for more information you can check out the post I dedicated to that here).

By the way, I was not planning on dedicating three posts in a row to M·A·C, it just happened!

Top 10 MAC Best Sellers of 2013


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  1. Great post! I personally haven’t tried MAC products since they are very expensive on my side of the world. But, I do plan to venture out and try some of their products coz it seems that it’s one of the most loved beauty brands! Hope you can check out my blog and follow as well! Thanks! Xoxo!

    Blog: http://beautybloggergoddess.wordpress.com/
    Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Beauty-Blogger-Goddess/154560777990738
    Twitter: @dBloggerGoddess

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