Add a Face Brush into your Routine

Face BrushQuick Tip

Add a face brush into your routine. It makes a HUGE difference.

What it does:
It exfoliates and provides deeper cleansing.
It stimulates skin microcirculation.
It stimulates the muscles under the skin that keep the skin tighter.

How to use it:
Apply some cleanser on your face or the brush itself and brush the face gently, in circular motions.
Rinse off with water and dry with a towel.
Make sure not to forget to use sunscreen if you are brushing your face in the morning. Microcirculation makes the skin more sensitive to sun rays.

What to have in mind:
Any cleanser would work, but do not use it with a face scrub. It can be too harsh for your skin.
Do not share it with family, roommates or whomever.
Make sure you clean and replace it whenever you think it needs to. You can clean it with soap, or rubbing alcohol. Personally, I opt for an antibacterial soap, the one I use to clean my makeup brushes.

I’ve been using a face brush for over a year now and I’m not turning back! I saw quite an improvement on my skin within a few days since I added it into my routine. That’s why I mentioned it as one of my discoveries of 2012, on an end of the year’s blog post.

When I’m saying a face brush, I mean a simple face brush that looks like a big toothbrush, not an electric one. The latter ones might work better, I do not know, but I got mine for €1.00, which makes it easier for me to replace it whenever I think it’s necessary, for hygienic reasons, in order to avoid the build-up bacteria and stuff.

I have oily skin and I use it almost every night, with some cleanser. I’ve seen a huge difference on acne, blackheads and the overall condition of my skin. Bear in mind that I haven’t had serious acne issues, but I can really see some serious improvement. And it only costs me €1.00 and an extra minute or two every night!

You can get yours at a plethora of places. Sephora Collection and The Body Shop, both have facial brushes like that. And of course you can get them at local stores, probably for less, like I did.

The face brush practically exfoliates the skin, so, the drier the skin the less often you should use it. My skin is oily and it reacts great when I use it on a daily basis. Your skin will tell you if you are overusing it. So, in case of irritation, stop using it that often.

A simple face brush like that can also be a first step testing your skin’s reaction to “face brushing”, before committing into buying a more expensive electric one.

Face BrushFace BrushFace Brush

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  1. This is great! I’ve been looking in to getting one of those pricey brushes, but wasn’t sure if my sensitive skin would actually handle it. This is definitely the perfect option to try it out, plus if it works well, there wouldn’t be a reason to invest in a more expensive brush! 🙂

    1. Yeah, you should try it. It works great for me.
      I haven’t tried any of the expensive ones, but right now that’s what I can afford and it’s great anyways.

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