M·A·C by Request 2013 Part II

As I mentioned on my last post, M·A·C gives you the chance to vote for the shades of the past that will be brought back in spring 2014 and yesterday the nominated shades were revealed.

The voting takes place on M·A·C’s Facebook page until July 21st. You do not need a Facebook account in order to vote.

There are 6 lipsticks and 5 eyeshadow nominated and you can vote only one product per category, per day. The 3 eyeshadows and 3 lipsticks with the most votes will be available in spring, or winter. MAC mention both seasons. Maybe they will be part of the Spring 2014 collection that will come out in winter, or something!

So, which ones got your votes?
Personally, I’m not sure. Maybe Pink Poodle lipstick and Ashbury eye shadow. Maybe?

The lipsticks:
Pink Poodle: Vivid, fuchsia-pink, Frost (Valentine’s Day Collection – 2000)
Rooz: Watermelon reddish-pink, Matte (Le Groove Colour – 1991)
Hoop:Mid-tone, rosy pink, Matte (Le Groove Colour – 1991)
Tomango: Bright, red-orange, Matte (Circa Pre-1990)
Glam: Vivid, bright pinky-red, Matte (Viva Glam – 1992)
Flavour: Soft, muted peachy-pink, Satin (Freedom Colour Additions – 1994)

M·A·C By Request 2013 Shades

The eyeshadows:
Chill: Soft white with shimmer, Satin (Le Groove Colour – 1991)
Fiction: Muted green with shimmer, Frost (Colour Abstractions Colour Additions – 1997)
Butterscotch: Warm beige, Matte (Circa Pre-1990)
Diesel: Cool grey, Frost (Freedom Colour Additions – 1994)
Ashbury: Taupe-grey, Matte (M·A·C Mod – 1990)

M·A·C By Request 2013 Shades

(source: M·A·C’s Facebook page)



  1. I would love it if Ashbury and Flavour came back!!! Which are your favorites?

    1. As I mentioned on the post, Pink Poodle lipstick and Ashbury eye shadow (me too). I also like Flavour, as you do. But the truth is I’m not too excited about any of them, at least not before seeing them in person and swatching them.

      1. Oh haha I just completely missed that. I am not the biggest fan of any of the lipstick formulations I really love creamsheen formulas and yeah I would definitely need to see them in person. I am excited about Ashbury though as I don’t have any good matte taupe shades 🙂

        1. I don’t know Ashbury it looks like MAC’s Copperplate. If you are looking for a matte taupe check it out next time you find yourself in a MAC store/ counter.

          1. Thanks for the advise I don’t have one near me but next time I am there I will definitely look into that if Ashbury isn’t chosen as the new shadow 🙂

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