Using a Men’s Razor?

Quick Tip

In few words, if you are shaving, give men’s razors a try.4 Shaving Tips To Avoid Nicks

If you want to hear about my experience, go ahead and keep reading…

I had heard more than once that men’s razors work better and that many women opt for them, so I decided to give it a go.

I have been using women’s razors since for ever, the cheaper and the fancy, more expensive, Venus, ones and I have to say the cheap men’s razors work much better. They remove hairs (or technically shave) easier, with more efficacy and in addition, personally, I haven’t experienced any irritation.

Recently, I needed to replace the razor and I had misplaced my backups, so I used my female one and I realized the difference. Since I hadn’t found my backup I got a pack of the cheapest men’s razors as soon as I found myself in the razors’ isle. I got 5 for €0.50 and they work better than my fancy €8-9 Venus ladies’ one (Venus Spa Breeze).

I’m just saying…

By the way, you can substitute the shaving cream with some hair conditioner.

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  1. I love using men’s razors! I find that they just give a cleaner shave in general then women’s razors do (and they tend to be less expesive, which is always a plus)! The only time I really use women’s razors is when I am traveling because I like razors that already have the lotion bar attached so I don’t have to bring shaving cream and those are usually women’s razors. Great review!

    1. Only recently have I started using them and I saw the difference. I definitely prefer them to the ladies’ ones.

      1. Me too 🙂 I nvr thought about doing a post on it though! Such a good idea

  2. anastasiias · · Reply

    I use man razors for several years, sometimes buy for women, but mostly take for men. First time I took them because I needed cheap big pack of razors and I took for men:) I substitude shaving cream with shower gel 🙂 did you try?

    1. Yeah. I mainly shave with shower gel.

  3. hmm? see that?? lol U never know until U start to look around & even read from (other) people & it jus so happen to be from a woman (you) & some of (other) Woman that read your blog- that what & how some products work on our bodies weather it be a male or female…because in my *NEW experiences as a NEW* Cross dresser I would have thought when the time comes for me to shave (more) of my hairs in certain areas,,, Legs,chest, & where ever else need be….I was considering the whole idea of using a woman’s product/razor w0w!!!! I am so glad that i happen to read (this) *Post of your Blog,,,, So much i am still learning of things *Girly,,, thanxs ladies thank you 🙂 Kelly !!!!!

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