I Back-2-MAC-ed…

Yesterday I went shopping (kinda), so I decided to take with me the empty M·A·C items that I had accumulated lately and Back-2-M·A·C them.

In case you do not already know, Back-2-M·A·C is the company’s recycling reward program. You bring back six empty M·A·C items to the M·A·C store and you get a free lipstick (in Europe), a lipstick or eyeshadow or lipgloss (in America), of your choice. For more info, you can check out a previous post I’ve written here.

I think that it would also be a nice chance for me to say a couple of words about the products I used up.

So, the six empty M·A·C products I “Back-2- M·A·C-ed” were:

Matte (That is how it is called and it’s one of M·A·C‘s multi – use products. I used it as a primer. I am not sure how I feel about this product. I might re-purchase it in the future, but not any time soon).

Prep+Prime Future Length Lash Serum (It’s the second tube I used. I saw some difference in my lashes when I was using it, but I do not think I will re-purchase it, any time soon at least, mainly because it lost its effectiveness on my lashes about one month after each tube’s first application. It doesn’t contain enough product for much further use anyway and I cannot afford a new tube every month. But it did not irritate my eyes and it made my lashes look better).

Prep+Prime Transparent Finishing Powder (I liked it. It took me a long time to finish it. I think I will re-purchase it in the future, but at the moment I’m using a different loose powder, whenever I use loose powder).

Select Moisturecover Concealer (NW15, in case you are wondering. I was using it in the under eye area because of its self – proclaimed moisture aspect. It’s OK, but it is not my favorite M·A·C concealer and it comes with only 5ml of product at the same price as the other M·A·C concealers that have double as much product. So I’m not re-purchasing it at the moment at least).

Cleanse Off Oil (That is probably my favorite M·A·C product in general. I have been using it to take off my make up for years. You can check out my product review here).

Brush Cleanser (I’ve used up countless bottles of that product. I use it for spot cleaning my brushes, mixed with equal parts of water. It cleanses and disinfects them effortlessly. I do not spot clean my brushes that much anymore, but I will definitely get a new bottle of it as soon as I run out of the one I’m currently using).

So, since I live in Europe, I had to exchange my empties with a lipstick of my choice and I got Fabby, which has frost finish. Frost finish is not my favorite lipstick finish; nevertheless, Fabby was one of the lipsticks I wanted to try and now I got it for free! By the way, I have heard that in some places they mark the label of the free product you get. I have Back-2-M·A·C-ed two or three times before and they have never done that to me. They just give me the lipstick without its box.

Back-2-M·A·C before and after pictures:




M·A·C Fabby Lipstick Swatch



  1. I didn’t know such a thing existed. That’s a nice reward for people who shop at MAC on a regular basis. I’ve never bought anything from MAC. I’m avoiding it in a way. It’s an expensive addiction to have. 😉

  2. OOO I didn’t know you could do that! Will definitely be looking into the AUS options. Do you know if they do the same in AUS?

    We just started out our own beauty blog and would love your support. Our most recent post is a makeup tutorial for a girls’ night out/date night look, would be great if you could check it out http://rubenesquebeautyblog.wordpress.com/2013/06/21/makeup-tutorial-perfect-date-night-look/ Other posts include a guide to the perfect starter brush kit and an eyeshadow colour guide based off eye colour. The full site is http://rubenesquebeautyblog.wordpress.com/ we also have an instagram @rubenesquebeautyblog so if you have one too follow us and hit us up with a comment so we can find you

    Hope you are having a lovely day xo

    1. I guess by AUS you mean Australia. If so, yes you can back-2-MAC in Australia too, but I’ve heard that that they have changed it a bit recently. You get a lipstick but not completely of your choice. You have to choose from a specific list of MAC’s lipsticks. There are some popular lipsticks in the list.
      That’s what I’ve heard, I’m not 100% sure (close to 100 though).

      Have fun with your blog. Enjoy it.

  3. Love back to MAC because their lipsticks are amazing and it’s a great way to recycle the containers. I like that MAC has an incetive for their sutomers to help the environment.

    1. Yeah I know. I would have recycled them anyway, but if I can also get a free lipstick…

      1. Why not right? haha it makes me want to buy more MAC products to get more free lipstick haha like that actually makes sense

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