Inglot Sleeks Cream – #94, #96, #108, #109

Inglot calls Sleeks Creams “lip paints”, probably to place them between lipsticks and lipglosses, being less glossy but more pigmented than lipglosses and less pigmented and glossier than lipsticks. Personally, I would just call them “creamy lipglosses”.

Just like any other Inglot product, Sleeks Creams are numbered, they do not have names and they have an expiration date written on the boxes they come in, as I have mentioned before, in my post about the Inglot AMC cream blushes.

Sleeks Creams are rich in color and glossy. They are creamy, non – sticky, they don’t have any shimmer, they are moisturizing, smooth and feel comfortable on the lips. They have vitamin E (tocopherol) that nourishes the lips and even after the Sleeks Cream wears off, the lips remain smooth and hydrated. Their scent reminds me of toffee or milk caramel.

They are not very long – lasting, since they are not sticky. The color (not in its full pigmentation) lasts even when the glossiness wears off. I can say that the #108 one even stains a bit the lips.

The colors I have (I’ll try to describe them, but you can see the images below):
Inglot_Sleeks_Cream_colors_94#94: Natural dirty pink (your lips but better, as it’s said)
#96: Pink, kind of salmon pink Inglot_Sleeks_Cream_colors_96
#108: Deep pink, kind of toned down magenta Inglot_Sleeks_Cream_colors_108
#109: Purplish pink, or red-violet Inglot_Sleeks_Cream_colors_109

The 5.5 ml (0.19 US fl oz) of product come in thin and long tubes that resemble testing tubes. By the way, the Inglot site says that they come with 6 ml (0.2 US fl oz) of product, but all four I have are 5.5 ml. I don’t know if that is a mistake, or if Sleeks Creams now will come with 6 ml, or if they used to come with 6 ml and they have not changed it on the site or what.

They have a doe foot applicator and since the tubes are long and thin, the wand in also long, something that gives you less control over the application. Personally, I don’t have an issue with that, but one might have.

If you want to store them vertically, they can only stand upside down on their own.

By the way, Inglot also have other kinds of lip paints and Sleeks lipglosses as well.

Inglot Sleeks Cream

Inglot Sleeks Cream

Inglot Sleeks Cream

Inglot Sleeks Cream

Inglot Sleeks Cream

Inglot Sleeks Cream Swatches

Inglot Sleeks Cream

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  1. These look so pretty!

  2. They are the loveliest colors, and the creamy consistency–I can’t get over it! I might have to just get a few of these…thanks for the post!

    1. I’m glad you like it (my post). As for the Sleeks Creams, I think you’re gonna love them. I know I do.

  3. I am obsessed with Inglot! I wish they had more stores around because all their products are really fun to play with 🙂

    1. I like Inglot too. I find the products affordable with nice pigmentation.
      I know. Many have that issue with access to the brand, but fortunately I cannot relate to that. I have easy access to 2 Inglot stores (out of 3 in my area). But there always something gonna be out of stock! That’s my issue.

  4. callmejagi · · Reply

    Really want number 96~!! It looks so pretty^^

  5. 10rachel · · Reply

    Great post! I love your blog and thank you for the comment you left on mine. I think I will try these sleek products out x

    1. Thanks. I’m glad you like my post and my blog.
      If you have access to Inglot, give them a try. I personally like them a lot.

      1. 10rachel · · Reply

        Yeah, I will definitely look out for them 🙂

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