AnnaSophia Robb’s Matching Makeup – Nails in Seventeen Magazine

Getting a Closer Look at…

…AnnaSophia Robb’s matching eye makeup – nail design in Seventeen magazine. The blue tips match perfectly with the blue eyeliner and together they create a bright and trendy spring/ summer look. Colorful eye makeup is one of the season’s trends and thick blue eyeliner was the makeup look in few runway shows for spring/ summer 2013 collection (click).

All pictures are from the May 2013  issue of Seventeen magazine.

ANNASOPHIA ROBB in Seventeen Magazine Annasophia Robb Seventeen magazine nail art

Annasophia Robb Seventeen magazine

Get a closer look at AnnaSophia’s 3-colored eyeliner look

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  1. The Polka Dot Poppet · · Reply

    She looks so pretty! I love your version of the striped nails! Xx

    1. Thanks, but that isn’t my version! It’s AnnaSophia’s. The image is from the magazine.

      1. The Polka Dot Poppet · · Reply

        Oops… I reckon you’d have done a good job anyway! Xx

  2. she’s so beautiful! I’ll have to pick this magazine up!

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