O·P·I Meets With Six Bond Girls

Celebrating the 50 years of James Bond movies, O·P·I is launching the Bond Girls collection, later this spring.

The collection is consisted of six Liquid Sand lacquers, all inspired by former Bond girls who give their names to the nail polishes.

                              The Bond girls…
Honey Ryder from the movie Dr. No, played by Ursula Andress.
Jinx from the movie Die Another Day, played by Halle Berry.
Pussy Gallore from the movie Goldfinger, played by Honor Blackman.
Solitaire from the movie Live Another Day, played by Jane Seymour.
Tiffany Case from the movie Diamonds are Forever, played by Jill St. John.
Vesper from the movie Casino Royale, played by Eva Green.

O·P·I Liquid Sand lacquers that were introduced earlier this year in the O·P·I Mariah Carrey collection, are nail polishes with a textured matte finish, infused with reflective sparkle.

                             The lacquers…
Honey Ryder: Gold with gold and silver glitter.OPI_the_Bond_Girls_Collection3(minis)
Jinx: Coral – red with gold glitter.
Pussy Gallore: Light pink with glitter.
Solitaire: White with silver glitter.
Tiffany Case: Metallic blue with silver glitter.
Vesper: Deep plum with black glitter.

O·P·I suggests Liquid Sand polishes to be applied in two coats, without top coat.

Launch date: May 2013.

OPI the Bond Girls Collection

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