Chalkboarded Nails?

This spring, Ciaté takes us back to school with Chalkboard Nails.

The Chalkboard Nails kit contains:
1 matte black “blackboard” base coat
4 mini liquid chalk – pens
1 Ciaté Mattnificent top coat

When the base coat is completely dry, you can be creative with the chalk – pens. And don’t worry, if you are not satisfied, you can wash the chalk design off with water and re-do it. When you are done with the pen design, apply the matte top coat to seal it.

Launch date: April 23rd. In the UK it will be exclusively launched at Selfridges department stores.
A bit later, it will also be available online on ASOS.

Ciaté Chalkboard Nails



  1. Looks nice! I wonder if I can reproduce it with ordinary polish and a matte top coat. Or even use real chalk? I’ll have to try.

    1. Sounds good! It needs a really thin chalk though.
      If it works, please come back to leave an other comment to let everyone know that there is a cheap alternative.

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