Rihanna’s Diamonds World Tour Makeup Look

Details of Rihanna’s makeup look for Diamonds World Tour were recently revealed.

As part of her collaboration with MAC Cosmetics, senior make-up artist Christopher Del Castillo created the makeup face for Rihanna’s concerts, inspired by her own characteristic red-lips look. The lipstick used for the tour look is RiRi Woo from the upcoming RiRi ♡ M·A·C collection.

 Christopher Del Castillo said to “The Cut”, New York magazine’s blog:

For this look, it’s really about bringing a long-wearing, glamorous, stage-perfect vision of what you would already notice about Rihanna’s beauty look — if you were up-close. Rihanna still needs to look like herself and the fans in the way back of the venue need to see her stunning features. To do this, it’s all about exaggerated highlighting and contouring her features. I really just think of this look as an amped-up version of her everyday look.



(source: nymag.com)

Rihanna’s M·A·C Viva Glam promo pictures makeup look


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