EU Bans Animal Testing on Cosmetics


Yesterday, January 30th, the EU announced that after March 11th, the import and sale of cosmetics and ingredients tested on animals is banned. In other words, any cosmetic item or ingredient that has been tested on animals anywhere in the world, cannot be sold within the EU. The ban includes toiletries and beauty products; which means not only makeup items, but also products used in personal hygiene, like toothpaste and soap, have to follow the legislation. So by March 11th, alternative, cruelty – free tests are asked to be developed.

A similar rule has been applied in Israel since earlier this year and India seems ready to follow Israel and the EU’s example.

Cruelty_Free_International_logoThis announcement has been celebrated by The Body Shop and the non-profit organization Cruelty Free International that have been campaigning to end animal testing for over two decades now.

The EU has already had stricter regulations on cosmetics than other countries, including the US. For instance, the banned chemicals in cosmetics in the EU are currently 1,329 while in the US only 10. If you are interested in the list of substances prohibited in cosmetics in the EU, you can find it here.


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