Essence Oz the Great and Powerful Collection

The Wonderful Wizard of Oz special, day 4

I usually mention the release date last, but this time that’s how I’ll start, since this Essence collection won’t be available anywhere Essence products are sold.

International launch date: from February 1st to March 31st 2013 in the following countries: Bosnia, Croatia, Czech Republic, Germany, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Kuwait, Latvia, Lebanon, Lithuania, Malta, Mexico, Pakistan, Palestine, Portugal, Russia, Saudi Arabia, Singapore, Slovakia, South Africa, Spain, Switzerland, Thailand, Turkey and Uruguay.

Essence’s collection, inspired by the upcoming Disney movie, has a bit of everything, eye and face makeup, as well as crackle nail polishes. The products’ description below is as mentioned on the official site of Essence.


Mystic eyes! the bright colors of the eyeshadows in green, red and light blue with a subtle metallic effect guarantee expressive eye make-up styles. The special embossment with a hot-air balloon design on the surface of the eyeshadow is an absolute eye-catcher. Available in: 01 goodness, 02 kindness and 03 generosity.

The eye pencil in bright purple and intensive green with a subtle shimmer effect creates expressive highlights around your eyes. Available in 01 fragile but feisty and 02 china girl.


Color Changing Lipbalm
Effective transitions: the two exciting lipbalm colors in red and pink change as soon as they come in contact with your lips and turn into an intense pink upon application. The shade varies depending on your type and natural lip-color. Available in 01 glinda the good and 02 master of magic.


Cream Blush
With its creamy consistency, this blush is super easy to apply and conjures-–up a wonderfully fresh look that’s no illusion! The practical pump dispenser offers just the right dosage so you can apply it on your cheeks with your fingers. Available in 01 beware the wicked witch.

Oz_Essence_highlighter_powderHighlighter Powder
Powerful powder! This delicate highlighter powder provides the ultimate finish for perfect wizard of oz make-up. its fine texture with a light shimmer and lettering on the surface sets gorgeous accents on your face, neck and décolleté – and it isn’t just for Theodora, Evanora and Glinda. Available in 01 the great and powderful.

Oz_Essence_cracking_top_coatCracking Top Coat
No hocus-pocus. These results will even amaze magicians! Simply apply one of the five hot shades – pink, red, mint and metallic gold or blue – as a top coat on previously polished nails and look forward to an awesome cracking finish! That’s how you create cool little works of art! Available in 01 master of illusion, 02 winds of change, 03 good witch, 04 winged wonder and 05 delicate but determined.

Sparkle, sparkle – this necklace with a black satin band and emerald-green stone perfectly rounds of your oz style with a hint of mysticism.


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  1. What a boring Trend Edition again… I’m so tired of those Essence TEs.

    1. Probably that’s why they don’t make every collection available everywhere. Where I live not even half of them are released, neither will this one.
      Other brands do the same as well. MAC keeps coming out with new collection repromoting, most of the times, the same products.

      1. Yeah, but the difference between the repromoted MAC products and those lame “new” ones from Essence is that the MAC ones were great the first time and therefore deserve to be reromoted. Whatever, I think I might be getting to old for those Essence products.

        Additionally, the Essence Trend Editions are in Germany available in every store that sells Essence usually. The frequentation in which those TEs show up makes them even more boring for me. Oh, and I thought those Cracking Top Coats where not even cool in 2012 😀

        Anyways, please don’t take these comments the wrong way. It’s not your fault that I don’t like Essence and their TEs 😉

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