Oops… Ciaté Did it Again!

Ciate_Very_ColourfoilAfter Caviar, Velvet and Sequined manicure, Ciaté brings the Very Colourfoil Manicure™, which takes metallic nails to the next level. The kit contains colorful foil-like sheets to glue over the nail.

There are three Very Colourfoil Manicure™ kits available (Carnival Couture, Kaleidoscope Klash, Wonderland) and they come with:
– 5 ml (0.17 oz) Foil Fix Glue
– 13.6 ml (0.46 oz) Paint Pot in Kiss Chase (Carnival Couture), Pepperminty (Kaleidoscope Klash), Cream Soda (Wonderland)
– 30 Colourfoil Sheets in Blaze, Babe, Bounce, Beaut, Bloom, Brill (Carnival Couture); Stomp, Splash, Shout, Snog, Sing, Smash (Kaleidoscope Klash); Flash, Fizz, Feisty, Fling, Flirt, Frost (Wonderland)

-1- Apply two coats of the polish (paint pot) and let it dry.
-2- Dot a light coat of the glue placing only where you want the foil to show and allow a minute for the white glue to become clear.
-3- Place the foil firmly over the glue with the shine side up, pressing onto the nail.
-4- Remove the foil in one quick motion.
-5- Repeat as you wish, with the same color foil or not. Be creative.
-6- Finish with a clear top coat.

Ciate_Very_Colourfoil_Carnival Couture

Ciate_Very_Colourfoil_Kaleidoscope Klash




  1. So cool! I love all of the crazy nail trends they come up with!

    1. I know! Hence the title. They did it again!

  2. Mh, I’m excited for this! It looks awesome.

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