O·P·I and Mariah Carey Create ‘Liquid Sand’

OPI_Mariah_CareyAs part of their spring collection, O·P·I teams up with Mariah Carey to create a limited edition collection of eight in total nail polishes. The O·P·I Mariah Carey collection is divided in two groups the Studio Shades line (4 nail polishes) and the Stage Shades line (4 nail polishes). The Stage line introduces the innovative technology of O·P·I Liquid Sand™ lacquers with a textured matte finish infused with reflective sparkle.

In the promo picture Mariah wears Anti-Bleak on her nails.


OPI_Mariah_Carey_StudioThe Studio Shades line is consisted of the following polishes:
A Butterfly Moment (frosty tan/ beige)
Anti-Bleak (creamy plum/ purple)
Pink Yet Lavender (clear with tiny holographic glitter and lavender pink hexagonal glitter)
Sprung (shimmery copper)


OPI_Mariah_Carey_Liquid_SandThe Stage Shades line is consisted of the following Liquid Sand™ lacquers:
Can’t Let Go (matte purple with sparkle)
Get Your Number (matte blue with sparkle)
Stay the Night (matte black with red sparkle)
The Impossible (matte fuchsia with sparkle and star confetti)



O·P·I suggests Liquid Sand™ lacquers to be applied in two coats without top coat.

The collection will be available from January 2013.

Some other texture nail polishes:
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O·P·I the Bond Girls collection
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