Beauty Resolutions for New Year

Here they are some beauty resolutions you might consider making for a prettier year:

Venus_botticelli_detail_smallUse sunscreen (spf over 20) everyday, all year round.Botticelli_Venus_detail

Venus_botticelli_detail_smallClean the makeup brushes you are using to avoid putting on bacteria to your face. Deep cleaning with shampoo or soap, or spot cleaning with brush cleanser or rubbing alcohol, and proper drying, not only does it eliminate built-up product, dirt and bacteria, but also prolongs the brushes’ life.

Venus_botticelli_detail_smallAvoid touching your face with dubitably clean hands.

Venus_botticelli_detail_smallAlways remove your makeup and clean your face thoroughly, before going to bed. Never sleep with make up on.

Venus_botticelli_detail_smallTry to get your 7 – 8 hours of beauty sleep.

Venus_botticelli_detail_smallAvoid washing your hair daily.

Venus_botticelli_detail_smallEliminate the heat applied to your hair. Let it air dry at least once a week.

Venus_botticelli_detail_smallUse a hair mask at least once a week.

Venus_botticelli_detail_smallTake good care of the [hair] ends. Trim them every couple of months and use some proper product for their well-being.

Venus_botticelli_detail_smallDrink more water. Moisturizing starts from within.

Venus_botticelli_detail_smallGet your vitamins/ eat healthier. It will show up onto your skin.

Venus_botticelli_detail_smallBecome more active. Just even walking more makes some difference to both your body and your skin’s health.


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