Get Glitterized (vol. 2)

It’s Glitter Time for your Nails!

For all the nails, for one (accent) nail, all over the nail, or to the tips, doing designs or not, whatever you want to do to your nails, do it with glitter. Actually, unlike makeup, in manicure you can use any kind of glitter you want, even the big chunky one. Of course, there are also tons of glitter nail polishes from really inexpensive to… not really, in every color to choose from, monochromatic or polychromatic.

For a more conservative glitter nail design, do a typical French manicure and add a thin line of silver, or any other color, glitter polish right where the French tip meets the rest of the nail.

If you want some inspiration for glitter nails, just google “glitter nails” on google images and you will get tons of ideas.


Sparkly nails are pretty popular all year round and even though they may look beautiful, it can be a real pain removing the polish. Here’s what I have found that works better:

Using an instant nail polish remover, like the Sephora Express Nail Polish Remover or the Bourjois Magic Nail Polish Remover, where you practically have to leave each nail in polish remover for few seconds or more.

You can soak a cotton ball in polish remover and leave it over your nail for few seconds. For more “stubborn” glitter, after putting the soaked cotton ball over the nail, you can cover it with some aluminum foil, creating something like a “fingertip glove”, in order to hold the cotton ball in place and wait few minutes. If you are doing this method to all 10 fingernails, you might want to do it one hand at the time, for convenience’s sake.

Another idea is to immerse your fingertips (only the tips) in a bowl with nail polish and wait from few seconds to few minutes before wiping the nails with a cotton ball.

In any case, time will vary depending on the type of polish and/ or glitter you have on and the remover you are using.

Also, make sure you wash your hands with soap thoroughly, especially if you are using an acetone nail polish remover. Acetone can drain moisture from the cuticles and weaken the nails significantly.


Vol 1 is on glitter makeup…


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