Get Glitterized (vol. 1)

It’s Glitter Time!

This is probably the time of the year when the most glitter is used. It’s unquestionably festive, yet it can be a hassle to use it. It goes everywhere and you can end up having it in areas you don’t want to “glitterize”.

glitter line 02

So, here are some tips to control the hassle, based on personal experience:

Always, always, always use glitter specially made for cosmetic use. It can be found in a really low price.

Never use glitter on the waterline. It can cause serious damage if any particle inserts the eye.

Doing the glitter eye makeup before the face makeup is suggested, since there might be some fallout.

There are glitter bases in the market you can use beforehand. If you are using glitter a lot you might want to get one, but if you are using glitter only once or twice a year, you can definitely skip it. I have tried the Too Faced Shadow Insurance Glitter Glue, which I apply over eye shadow and before glitter. Too Faced claims that “This colorless cream formula is designed to grab and hold loose glitters, pigments, and shimmers so they won’t come off until you take them off” and I think it works well enough. There is not much to say about that product, it does what it supposed to. Is it a must – have product? No, I cannot say it is.

You can get a specially made for glitter application brush, like the Sephora #24 Glitter Eye Shadow Brush, but fingers work equally fine. Actually, I find them to work better than normal eyeshadow brushes in applying glitter with the less fallout possible. So, tilt your head back a bit and apply glitter with your finger, in patting motion.

You can hold a tissue underneath your eye to catch any fallout, something that honestly I don’t do, since I don’t find it that convenient.

In case of fallout, remove it with some scotch tape. Just make sure you have first stick it to the back of your hand to make it less sticky so as not to be too harsh to your skin, especially to the delicate under eye area. Also, as it is less sticky it won’t mess your make up if you have already applied face makeup.

You can “glitterize” any eye look by lining the upper lash line with a glitter eye liner.

You can apply glitter to your lips, if that’s the look you are going for, after applying lipstick and probably some gloss, to act as a sticky base for the glitter to adhere to. Or you can opt for a glitter lipgloss, for a less dominant glitter lip look, especially if you are planning on drinking and/ or eating.

glitter line 02

Vol 2 is on glitter nails…


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