Are You Ready for an Emerald Year? (a.k.a. my 12.12.12 post!)

Like any other year, Pantone has named the color of the year 2013. So, goodbye tangerine tango, hello emerald (you can check out my tangerine tango post here).

How about welcoming the New Year with a touch of its own color?

Whatever you are planning on doing on New Year’s Eve, you can incorporate some emerald in your outfit, with some clothing item and/or some accessory (scarf, purse, jewelry), or in your makeup and nails.

Emerald square smallEmerald nailsEmerald nails is an easy way for a touch of the 2013 color and it can match almost any outfit. Sephora brand’s L56 – Green Generation (shimmering bright emerald) or Nails Inc’s Star magnetic polish Shaftesbury Avenue (metallic emerald) are nice options or you might be able to find an emerald nail polish at a drugstore.

Emerald square smallYou can wear an Emerald eye shadow to the New Year party and you can go as dramatic as you want to, creating a colorful smoky eye, which is one of this winter’s trends (check out my post on the new smoky eye here).

Emerald square smallOr you can Emerald any eye look with eyeliner. It’s better to use liquid or gel liner on the top lash line or/and pencil liner on the bottom lash line. Just make sure that you use glitter-free liner on the waterline.

MAC has Emerald pigment and Emerald glitter. Emerald pigment is a great option if you are planning on wearing this color a lot, since mixing it with clear nail polish you get an Emerald polish, mixing it a drop or two of water or water based mixing medium you get an Emerald metallic cream-like eye shadow, mixing it a drop or two of eye drops or liner mixing medium you get an Emerald eye liner. And of course, you can use it on its own as an  Emerald eye shadow.

MAC EmeraldEmerald eyes


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