Season’s Trend: Red Lips

This season’s biggest trend is probably red lips. Scarlet red, crimson, dark red, wine red, burgundy, ruby; matte, satin, shiny or glossy; cool tone (blue – red) or warm tone (coral – red), anything red. You can find a shade of red lip product suiting you, ideal for your skintone and perfect at any time, day or night. The general rule suggests that cool skin tone should opt for a blue – red shade and warm tone for coral – red shades and that the red lips darken as the night falls. But that’s only a rule. Feel free to break it, according to your liking. There isn’t any fine for rule breakers!

Cool tone lip color will make your lips look whiter.

If you are not feeling comfortably with red lipstick and you want something less dominant, try wearing a red lipgloss.

Also, you can apply a stain (like Benefit’s Benetint, The Body Shop’s lip and cheek stain in 01 Rose Pink, etc). Stain will give your lips a more natural and less vibrant color, than a lipstick, and it will also last much longer. You can even create a “stain effect”, simply by applying your red lipstick by patting it onto the lips, or applying with your finger, or blotting it with a tissue after applying it directly from the tube. You can repeat, or combine the methods according to your preferable result.

When wearing red lipstick, it would be better to trace your lips with a lip liner, in order to prevent color from bleeding. It can be a red lip liner or even a neutral nude, or a clear one.

You can also use a red lip liner instead of a lipstick, simply by filling in the lips. You probably gonna need to apply some gloss afterwards or/ and lip balm beforehand.

You can make your lips look fuller and five them more dimension by applying a darker lip color (lipstick or lip liner) to your lips and leaving the middle part of your lower lip bare and ready to be painted with a brighter red or even coral lipstick.

You can also do the ombre lip, where you practically use different shades of red lipsticks to your upper and lower lip. Or by painting darker the outer part of both lips and brighter the inner.

If you go for the red lip, avoid putting too much color to your cheeks. Contour, if that’s what you normally do, and skip applying blush or choose a neutral one or apply a bronzer as a blush. Just make sure you apply only a bit, simply for your cheeks to have a hint of color.

What you decide to do with the eyes, it’s up to you. You can go with simple eye, cat eye or much darker and it won’t be too much as long as the cheeks are not dominant. Just make sure the colors you use on your eyes are neutral/ natural.

You can always match your red lips with red nails and bring some old Hollywood essence to your look.


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