L’Oreal Rouge Caresse Lipsticks Review

Rouge Caresse lipsticks are new to L’Oreal’s lip line. They come in 16 colors (that I’m aware of) and I have 5 of them. I got 1 and I loved it, so I got the rest 4 of them when L’Oreal had a 10€ off in two lip products deal (almost 1 + 1 free!).

They are moisturizing and they apply smoothly to the lips, while they are pigmented enough. They give shine to the lips, so you can skip putting on a lip gloss. They feel like a lip balm and apply color like a lipstick [of medium pigmentation]. I have dry lips and I can really tell when a lip product is hydrating and these lipsticks are. They leave the lips soft and moisturized, even when the color wears off. They are better than many lip balms I have tried and I have tried a lot! The darker colors are clearly more pigmented, the color lasts longer, #202 (Impulsive Fuchsia) even stains the lips a bit. Overall, the color has medium longevity on the lips, something that is expected for a moisturizing lipstick.

The scent is that of a L’Oreal lipstick, not a strong one, that is not noticeable when is on the lips.

The colors I have:

# 02 Innocent Pink: light pink nude               # 101 Tempting Lilac: redwood nude 

# 202 Impulsive Fuchsia: ruby – magenta      # 403 Hypnotic Red: burgundy 

# 501 Nude Ingenue: nude beige – tan 


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