Let’s Defy Heat

I guess, more or less we all have heard what doctors suggest we should do or avoid, during those hot days: drink a lot of water, avoid eating too greasy food, avoid sun exposure during 10:00-16:00, wear sunscreen, hat and sunglasses…

So, what about beauty-wise? Except for all the above you can:

Avoid too much or heavy makeup.

Use face (and body) sunscreen of an SPF 20-50. Make sure the product clearly says that it provides protection from both UVA and UVB rays, so as to prevent sunburn (UVB) and guard against premature aging and deeper tissue damage (UVA). (click here for my post on sunscreen)

Use sun protection for your hair. If you don’t have a hair sunscreen, or if it makes your hair look greasy, you can use a heat protectant (the one you should use when you apply heat on your hair).

Use sun protection to your lips, too. You can wear a lip balm with spf under your lipstick and/or lipgloss, or on its own.

Use a water proof or water resistant mascara. Water proof/ resistant equals sweat proof/ resistant.

Avoid layering too many powder products on your face.

Use a setting spray to prolong the wear of your make up.

Refresh yourself with a splash of facial spray like EVIAN or MAC’s fix+ (personally, I always keep an EVIAN spray in my fridge and whenever I come home after some time in the sun, or I feel like it, I spray my face and sometimes my body, too). The smaller EVIAN spray is ideal to carry around in your purse or beach bag.

Don’t feel bad if you look shiny, it’s hot, everyone looks shiny.  And remember, in hot weather, when it comes to make up, like in clothes, wear only what is necessary! Less is more.

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