The ‘it’ Color

And the color of 2012 is… “Tangerine Tango”. That might be old news for you by now. Variations of orange have made appearances everywhere on spring/ summer 2012 clothes and makeup, but how can you incorporate it into your routine?

An easy way is to “tangerine up” your lips, matching a simple eye makeup. For a subtle orange look, choose a lipgloss (coral, orange, tangerine…). For pigmented lips, lipstick is ideal and if you want  a more intense color, line and fill in your lips with a lip pencil underneath your lipstick. You can add a gloss on the top. If you want to tone down the intensity of the lipstick choose a different color lipgloss.

Put some orange on your apples! Use an orange-toned blush to trend up any look.

Use a wash of orange (any variation of orange color) on your lids. You can give some dimension by blending a tan or light brown eyeshadow or even your bronzer. For a more intense look line your lower lash line with a blue or green eye pencil and you can also add black liner on the upper lash line.

If you are daring enough, you can line your upper lash line with an orange/ tangerine etc liner. You can even wing it up. For a softer liner look apply an eyeshadow as a liner with a liner brush or even a q-tip. If you use the eyeshadow wet, you can have a similar effect to a liner. [Important: avoid wetting directly your eyeshadow. Instead, transfer some color to another surface or the back of your hand and then, with a damp brush, take some of the color to line your lids.]

Apply shimmery beige or light coral or champagne (or any other light neutral color, depending on your complexion and the desired effect) eyeshadow all over the lid and add some orange/ tangerine/ auburn/ coral eyeshadow on your outer V or/ and the crease.

Tangerine nails are perfect for spring and summer for toes and/ or fingers, whether you are tanned or not. You can even use a neon orange color, to double your fashionableness!

Choose an orange tone that makes you feel comfortable and try not to get too orange at once. A small hint of orange is perfect. Focus on one feature of your face, keep the rest of the simple and go for it!

You don’t have to buy eyeshadow, lipstick, blush, especially if you are not sure how you feel about this color on you or if you will keep using it after this summer. You can use an eyeshadow as a blush and vice versa. If you have extremely sensitive eyes or skin, you might want to avoid that.  You can also apply an eyeshadow or blush on your lips over a lip balm, with your fingers. You can also use a lipstick as a cream blush and vice versa.


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