Vichy Face Emulsion Dry Touch Sunscreen SPF30 Review

Vichy Dry Touch tube (Image from the official Vichy site)

Vichy Face emulsion dry touch sunscreen SPF 30

50ml tube

Skin Type: For combination / oily skin.

According to the official site:

The formula helps to protect the skin against sun damage, brown spots and sun induced premature skin ageing whilst combating shine simultaneously. 

Provides ultimate sun protection. Once applied, it immediately absorbs into the skin, providing an ultra mat finish.

As someone with oily skin, I always hated to apply sunscreen on my face, especially when I had or wanted to add face makeup over the sunscreen, or/and during those looooong days. So, I was in the hunt for the facial sunscreen that would not add more shine to my already oily/ shiny face, until I found this one last year.

So, Vichy’s dry touch sunscreen not only does not make my face shiny, but it also makes it matte. It provides both protection from the dangerous sun rays and furthermore it keeps my [oily] face matte longer than it would be without Vichy’s dry touch sunscreen. Also, it’s formulated without parabens. It is a tiny bit scented, but the scent is not strong enough to bother one that is not extremely sensitive to scents.

It has both UVA and UVB protection, which means it prevents sunburns, premature aging and deep tissue damage.

I live in Greece, a warm country, where the sun shines during most days of the year, so I need sun protection and my oily face no longer complains when I add sunscreen on my routine! Vichy Face emulsion dry touch sunscreen is a must-have for me.


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